Palau 141 Thermo Flex Liners

Palau 141 Thermo Flex Liners

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It's all about comfort, warmth and power transmission.

The original Custom liner. Do not settle for imitations from company's that claim to have their s*%# together. When it comes to liners, only ThermoFlex liners offer maximum warmth, total custom fit and rider tested performance.

Custom Fit to your foot and your shell for maximum protection aginst the elements. More comfortable than your bedroom slippers. Lighter than a box of Cheerios. If you want warm feet, this is better than walking across the campfire. The ability to play for more than one hour on the coldest day just got easier.

Thermo Flex liners, the best thing to happen to feet in the snow sport industry! !

Works with orthodics, footbeds, even your smelly old ski socks! Almost any boot with a removable liner can take a moldable liner.

Features and Benefits:

  • Custom Fit :Thermoflex ensures a 100% custom impression of your foot and a perfect link to the shell of
    the boot for maximum performance and comfort.
  • Remoldable: You can remold up to 6 times in case your feet change or you change boot shells.
  • Lightweight: 60% lighter than a standard liner and 75% lighter than a foam liner.
  • Comfort: Variable densities and thicknesses of EVA throughout the liner ensure incredible comfort.
  • Ease of Use: You can mold them yourself or take them to your local board shop for forming.

ThermoFlex Liners come in two models:

Deeluxe 131 Model Red or Black: Has lots of fuzzies and warmth to make your feet feel like they have slipped into rainbows. Designed for high cuff, generally 4 buckle boots. Firmer material adds total rigidity to the boot and the heel cup area has been beefed up for maximum heel hold down power. The liner is a “wrap” design that gives most power to your boot shell.

Palau 141: Stiffer, lighter, for the performance-minded.

Something to consider:
Every boot has a height to it, measuring from the inside of the heel to the top of the boot. Keep in mind if you boot is low, the liner might stick up out of the top of it. On the other hand, if you have a tall boot the liner may be shorter than the shell itself. For help selecting the right model and size go to the SIZING CHART page.

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