Step 1: TTC Registration
To access Kirkwood's best groomers, a 30' foot drop onto a sketchy landing is required.

Step 1: TTC Registration

Your Price: $135.00
Not for Sale

Registration Includes:


Opening Day Après Party

At an undisclosed location...


Closing Dinner

Thursday evening we have BBQ planned at the Red Cliffs Lodge at Kirkwood.  BBQ, dessert, drinks and good times will be had by all.  Plus, I’m guessing there will be a photo/video or two to enthrall and enrapture.

Includes one ticket to dinner plus six raffle tickets.  No more having to whip out cash at the door, yay!


Full Week Demo Card: Free!



Bomber Bag o' Schwag

The Bomber Schwag bag is stuffed with a plethora of happy things.  Think of the best Thanksgiving bird you ever had.  Not the one stuffed with actual stuffing that dries out the bird and makes it taste like cardboard, but the awesome brined and fried Turducken.  It’s like that, assuming this analogy made sense to you.


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